Matúš Maťátko


Matúš Maťátko (1984) graduated from Academy of Arts in Bratislava, studio of free graphics and illustration with prof. Dušan Kállay. He specializes in large-scale graphics, illustration, sculpture and painting. His works were presented in 2012 at 4 exhibitions in Japan. In 2016, he attended an art residency in Bali (Slowpunch). He worked on multiple large-scale paintings in public spaces; in the area of the 4D gallery in GA, “Angels” on Mariánská Street in Bratislava, in the lobby of Nova Cvernovka (Genie from the bottle released …) and the mural “Birth” on Jakubovo square in Bratislava. He presented his monumental sculptures For Eternal Glory at the festivals Pohoda and Sculpture and the object. His last solo project White-Blue-Red Epic was exhibited in the Liptov gallery P.M. Bohúňa. He has been actively creating and exhibiting in Slovakia and abroad since 2007.

Artworks available


Curriculum vitae


2005 – 2011 VŠVU – Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava (Slovakia), Atelier of printmaking, grahic and illustration – prof. Dušan Kállay
2010 – Art residency at The Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, Atelier of ilustration and graphic techniques, MgA. Juraj Horváth

Solo exhibitions

2020 – White-blue-red Epic, Liptovska galeria P.M.Bohuňa, Liptovsky Mikulas, SK
2019 – White-blue-red Epic, Nová Cvernovka, Bratislava, SK
2019 – Tropic-Exotic, Magna Gallery, Piešťany, SK
2018 – Ship of fools, (with poet Šimon Ondruš), Green foundation, Bratislava, SK
2017 – Heroes of work, Čin Čin Gallery, Bratislava, SK
2017 – Comics land, BIBIANA, Bratislava, SK
2016 – Bum-Trum, Cink! Tresk! , (with Milan Adamčiak), Kabinet, Bratislava, SK
2016 – Harvest, Magna Gallery, Pieštany, Sk
2016 – Maťátko, Pretty Poison and Slow Punch project, Canggu-Bali, Indonesia
2014 – Solstice, Ateliér Bavlna, Bratislava, SK
2014 – Heroes, Idols and People, Gagarinka Gallery, Bratislava, SK
2014 – Overturn, Magdaléna/4D Gallery, Bratislava, SK

Group shows

2020- Urban Icons, Arosita Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2019 – Short retrospective Savoy Gallery, Bratislava, SK
2019 – City Jungle, Open air pop-up, Bremgarten Bei Bern, Switzerland
2018 – Belt and Road, China and CEEC print exhibition, Ningbo Museum of Art, Ningbo, China
2018 – ÁCH! , TOTO! gallery, Bratislava, SK
2017 – Hard-Boiled School / Contemporary Graphic Art Confronting History, Slovak National Gallery, Esterházyho palác, Bratislava, SK
2016 – Who wants to belong in my country? , Article Gallery, Birmingham, UK
2015 – Open Air statue park on Festival Pohoda, Trenčín, SK
2014 – Skulptur Lab, Pisztory palace/Grassalkovich garden, Bratislava, SK
2014 – Diversity Required, Slovak National Gallery, Esterházy palace, Bratislava, SK
2013 – MASO object 2013 (Statue and Object), Exhibition hall of Univerzity library, Bratislava, SK
2013 – Biennial of Illustration BIB in Japan, Ashikaga Museum of Art, Japan
2012 – Milan Adamčiak- Galanta songs, Tranzit, Bratislava, SK
2012 – Biennial of Illustration BIB in Japan
2012 – Apocalypse now, Gallery Medium, Bratislava, SK
2011 – U102, Krokus Gallery, Bratislava, SK


2017 – The most beautiful Book of Slovakia (organizer: Bibiana): Červený vírus a kučeravý Sebastián (illustrated book for children)
2016 – The most beautiful Book of Slovakia (organizer: Bibiana): Lapinovci z letiska (illustrated book for children)
2016 – The most beautiful Book of Autumn (organizer: Bibiana): Lapinovci z letiska (illustrated book for children)
2011- Slovak Triennial of graphic arts, Banska Bystrica – Honorable mention for Serie: Idols (Stalin)
2011 – The most beautiful Book of Spring (organizer: Bibiana): Jaro kriplů
2007- The most beautiful Book of Slovakia (organizer: Bibiana): Graphic serie Evolution
2005- The most beautiful Book of Slovakia (organizer: Bibiana): Sny husenice Rúrky